Friday, March 4, 2016

"Revising History: One Photoshopped Image at a Time"

Earlier today, I shared a few images at Blood Drive, the oft-neglected Tumblr feed of the Collinsport Historical Society. I was in the mood to make something silly, inspired (probably) by the gloriously inane “Every Album is Aerosmith” Tumblr. The end result was a bunch of classic rock photos, altered in some way to include a DARK SHADOWS tee-shirt. You can see Patti Smith and Jobriath here, but if you visit the entire post you’ll find Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Glenn Danzig, Blue Öyster Cult and some others sporting the latest fashions of Collinsport.

Here’s the thing, though: there have never been many good DARK SHADOWS tee-shirts to choose from. I had to invent many of the shirts you see in the images, but two of them are very real — and available for sale online.

The design "worn" by Patti Smith at the top of this post is by Jeff Carlson of MANI-YACK Monster Designs. He’s got a lot of amazing work for sale online, including retro images of many of your favorite monsters, mutants and madmen. You can find his store HERE.

The BATMAN parody shirt worn by Jobriath is (ahem) one of my designs. You can get one for yourself HERE.

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