Friday, March 18, 2016

DARK SHADOWS is on sale this weekend at Big Finish

Big Finish is celebrating the 50th anniversary of DARK SHADOWS this weekend with a massive sale at its website.

Big Finish is located in the U.K., so you'll have to be patient with the time zone and currency exchange when reading the company's write up of the sale. The press release has a lot of prices listed that will be (mostly) meaningless to American fans, but if you visit the pages for each title you'll find dollar signs attached to the listings.

Here's what it all boils down to: Throughout the weekend, most individual installments of the DARK SHADOWS audio series are just $7.25 on compact disc and $2.99 as a digital download.

Big Finish has also bundled some of these episodes together in interesting ways. You can read the company's full announcement HERE, but below are a few highlights from this weekend's sale:

THE ARTS BUNDLE delves into world of Collinsport's creatives. Remake a lost childhood in "The Doll House," discover a sanitarium's greatest artist in "The Blind Painter" (guest starring DOCTOR WHO's Nicola Bryant), marvel at a cursed jewel in "The Crimson Pearl" and take in a show from a sinister clown in "Speak No Evil."

THE COLLINWOOD BUNDLE collects five stories revealing the secrets of the family's ancestral home. "The Path of Fate" examines a stairway that traverses time while "Curse of the Pharaoh" uncovers a long buried secret. Original Barnabas Collins actor Jonathan Frid returns to Collinsport one last time in "The Night Whispers," and a dashing stranger provides an escape for young Judith Collins (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER's Amber Benson) in "Dress Me in Dark Dreams."

THE TRASK FAMILY BUNDLE sheds light on the dangerous witch-hunters who spent generations assaulting the Collins family. An imprisoned Gregory Trask (Jerry Lacey) is given an offer he can't refuse in "The Wicked and the Dead," which leads him to the battlefields of the American Civil War in "The Carrion Queen." Charity Trask (Nancy Barrett) finds her school under attack in "The Poisoned Soul." And "The Fall of the House of Trask" finds the family facing the wrath of The Dark Lord (Nigel Fairs).

THE WINDCLIFF BUNDLE delves into the most terrifying cases faced by the Windcliff Sanitarium. Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott) recovers from a terrifying assault in "Clothes of Sand" and encounters an enigmatic stranger in "The Ghost Watcher." Then it's Willie Loomis' (John Karlen) turn, forced to relive past adventures at the hands of a golden angel in " Echoes of Insanity."

THE TONY AND CASSANDRA BUNDLE sees supernatural investigator Tony Peterson (Jerry Lacey) is forced to team up with his former love Cassandra Collins (Lara Parker) for three investigations. There's a serial killer on a desert island in "The Death Mask," black magic in New Orleans in "The Voodoo Amulet" and a dangerous trip on the final train home in "The Last Stop."

If you're new to the DARK SHADOWS audio series, I compiled a visual guide last year that will help you get started. Click on the image below for a closer view.

For more information on this weekend's sale click HERE.

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