Tuesday, March 8, 2016


There's an interview over at the official Big Finish website that spills a bean or two about the company's upcoming DARK SHADOWS 50th anniversary special, BLOOD& FIRE. Lara Parker takes center stage in the two-hour special, which sends the witch Angelique back to the year 1767. Here's what producer Joseph Lidster has to say about the project:
"Blood & Fire is a standalone special that sees the witch Angelique travelling back in time to 1767. I don’t want to give too much away but she’s there on a mission. Long-term fans of the show will realize that the year is important as it features a wedding and the building of the Old House which will eventually become Barnabas’s home. For newer fans all you need to know is that it features two supernatural creatures fighting each other against a backdrop of weddings, deaths and very sexy pirates."
You can read the full interview with Lidster and producer David Darlington at Big Finish's news page HERE. (Note: BLOOD & FIRE is already available for pre-order.)

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