Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Your first look at the new DARK SHADOWS album

DARK SHADOWS collectors are likely to have a busy morning on April 16.

That the date of this year''s Record Store Day event, which brings with it a slew of limited edition releases ... among them a new edition of 1969's "The Original Music from Dark Shadows." When this year's roster of album leaked a few weeks back, the album — credited solely to composer Robert Cobert — was on the list. Was this a new collection of music? A re-release of one of the show's many soundtrack albums? Had somebody (gasp!) incorrectly attributed Cobert's name to Danny Elfman's 2012 soundtrack?

As it happens, the Record Store Day release is a recreation of the classic 1969 anthology, which features contributions not only from Cobert, but also Charles Randolph Grean, Jonathan Frid and David Selby. It's a thorough re-creation of the original release and even includes the double-side poster of Frid and Selby that accompanied the record back in 1969.

Varèse Sarabande — the label behind the new release — has pressed this version of the album on 180-gram purple vinyl. Below are some photos of the new release, as well as some behind-the-scenes looks at the production of the new album courtesy of DARK SHADOWS major domo Jim Pierson.

And don't forget: This edition of "The Original Music from Dark Shadows" is a Record Store Day exclusive. If you want it, you'd better move fast.

UPDATE: Record Store Day is an international event, but it appears that the DARK SHADOWS album is exclusive to the U.S. Also, the album summary at the RSD website is kinda sarcastic.

Varese Sarabande Art Director Bill Pitzonka shows off the album's new look.
The double-sided poster that accompanied the album's  1969 release will be included with the new edition.
The new edition of the Dark Shadows soundtrack being pressed. (Note the purple vinyl.)

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