Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lara Parker's next DARK SHADOWS book has a title

Lara Parker let an interesting piece of news slip today on her Facebook page: Her fourth DARK SHADOWS novel has a title!

DARK SHADOWS: THE HEIRESS OF COLLINWOOD has been finished and delivered to the publisher. Back in 2013, Parker had this to say about the book's concept, which re-introduces Victoria Winters to the drama at Collinwood.
"She's going to grow into a woman who has gumption. All the characters are going to be new. (Victoria's) going to come back to Collinwood and everybody's gone ..."

I'm not sure when to expect THE HEIRESS OF COLLINWOOD to arrive in print and Kindle, but I'd bet on a Fall 2016 release.

If you're looking to catch up on Parker's novels, you can get the paperback editions signed by the author from her official website. If you purchase all three books, you can get the third for just $5. Click HERE for more details. (Note: Lara's online store now accepts Paypal.)

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