Thursday, December 17, 2015

DARK SHADOWS returns in 2016

Fans of Big Finish's DARK SHADOWS line of audio dramas have spent the last few weeks worrying about the future of the series. The release schedule included in the latest issue of the company's Vortex magazine made no mention of the series in the coming year's releases, which had some people wondering if the Big Finish was losing the DARK SHADOWS license during the show's 50th anniversary.

Well, worry no more! A few minutes ago, Big Finish announced DARK SHADOWS will return in 2016.

In June, Big Finish will release DARK SHADOWS 50th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, a two-hour story that sees the return of an "old enemy." I've not no insider information about the identity of this character, but I'm pulling for Nicholas Blair. (The episode is already available for pre-order.)

In the final quarter of 2016, Big Finish will follow last year's BLOODLUST serial with the 13-part BLOODLINE. The teaser sounds intriguing: "As family and friends gather at the Collinwood estate for the wedding of David Collins and Amy Jennings, a new mystery starts to unfold."

Read the full press release HERE.

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