Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Return of Victoria Winters, Part II

Last month, I opened the floor to random, baseless speculation about the return of VICTORIA WINTERS in an up-coming BIG FINISH audio drama. While that stab in the dark probably missed every available target, I have it on good authority that we'll see Collinwood's former governess returning to her former home in the near future: LARA PARKER.

A few minutes ago, I recorded an interview with LARA PARKER for a future podcast, and the actress/writer revealed a few details about her fourth, as-yet untitled novel. Current plans call for Victoria Winters to return to Collinwood ... though things won't be as she left them.

"She's going to grow into a woman who has gumption," Parker said. "All the characters are going to be new. (Victoria's) going to come back to Collinwood and everybody's gone ... so I don't have to deal with Roger, and Elizabeth and Carolyn."

Tor has not yet approved the novel's outline, she said.

"The third book nearly killed me," she said. "I said I'd never write another, but now I realize I've kind of gotten the hang of it. The book about Vicky will be fun. It's got a lot of really scary moments."

Parker's third DARK SHADOWS novel, WOLF MOON RISING, is scheduled to be released in August. Her next books are designed to include new characters that will recall specific actors from the television series, allowing her to continue the "theater company" aspect of DARK SHADOWS. Among WOLF MOON RISING's new characters is scientist Nathanial Blair, brother of warlock Nicholas Blair, originally played by actor Humbert Allen Astredo.

"I hope that everyone will envision Humbert," she said. "And in the fourth book, the main villain will be (inspired) by Roger Davis. It won't be one of the parts he's played, but everyone will know it's Roger Davis."


Dr. Theda said...

My Sister was named "Angela" from Lady Parker's character... A great weekend to you and your followers...

Gary Pillsbury said...

Can't wait till Laura Parker's third book "Wolf Moon Rising" comes out in August! Already read the first two books that she wrote and they was really awesome! Loved the way that she wrote them! Superb Dark Shadows at it's best! Now,that I do know that she is coming out with a fourth book,I am so totally anxious for that one as well. She's really the best in the realm of Dark Shadows fame! Great writing,that's for sure!

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