Monday, May 18, 2015

Lara Parker's DARK SHADOWS novels get Audible

Last Friday, Lara Parker announced that the audible editions of her three DARK SHADOWS novels would be available on May 29. I checked in with Amazon and Audible several times this weekend, and discovered that all three books ANGELIQUE'S DESCENT, THE SALEM BRANCH and WOLF MOON RISING are already available for purchase. (Cue creepy theremin music).

Lara's reading of ANGELIQUE'S DESCENT was one of the first DARK SHADOWS audiobooks released by Big Finish in 2007. Even though it was it was released in two parts (and spanned four discs) it was an abridged version of the novel. Audible's new releases contain the complete prose to all three novels, with Lara reading ANGELIQUE'S DESCENT, THE SALEM BRANCH, and WOLF MOON RISING. (UPDATE: An actress named Karen White is credited with reading WOLF MOON RISING, which is apparently an error.)

You can find all three books at Amazon and Audible by clicking HERE. You can actually get two of them for free with a trial membership!

Meanwhile, Lara also has her books available for sale at her online store. You can get all three DARK SHADOWS novels directly from the author for $30. Click HERE for details.

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