Sunday, May 31, 2015

Upcoming DARK SHADOWS DVD puts David Selby in the spotlight

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(UPDATE #1: Amazon has set an Aug. 18, 2015, release date for DARK SHADOWS: BEST OF QUENTIN. You can pre-order it HERE.)

David Selby's official website has revealed which episodes will be included on the upcoming "Best of Quentin" compilation. The "Quentin" DVD will be followed by a "Best of Angelique" compilation later in the year, both of which includes input from actors David Selby and Lara Parker.

Unsurprisingly, many of the episodes included in the David Selby compilation center on the Haunting of Collinwood/1987 Flashback storylines. They were both landmark moments for DARK SHADOWS, which reached its peak in popularity during these story arcs. The show would later struggle for ways to make the character relevant once it made the leap "back" to the present, though. Quentin Collins just wasn't as much fun with a moral center.

Anyhoo, I've created a visual "episode guide" for the upcoming DVD, which you can see at the top. (Artwork for the packaging hasn't been released yet, so I made my own.) I'll be back later with a look at the "Best of Angelique" episode selection. You can find a text summary of the "Best of Quentin" episodes below:

#694: In 1969, the Collins family abandons Collinwood, which is haunted by the ghost of Quentin Collins.

#714: In the year 1897, Quentin learns his family's fate with the reading of his grandmother's will.

#722: Angelique resurrects Quentin as a zombie, who then possesses Jamison.

#786: Under a werewolf curse, Quentin recites “Shadows of the Night” in Charity Trask's nightmare.

#836: In 1969, the ghost of Beth Chavez reveals how Quentin died in 1897.

#905: Closely resembling Quentin, Grant Douglas appears in Collinsport, suffering from amnesia.

#984: During Parallel Time 1970, Quentin and his bride Maggie struggle with the supernatural.

#1065: In 1995. Barnabas Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman discover Quentin has gone insane.

#1129: In 1840, Quentin reveals to Barnabas the history of the evil warlock Judah Zachary.


Unknown said...

Nice work.

Unknown said...

these assorted dvds are quite enjoyable. I was surprised when I popped one in and the contrast of episodes was interesting. It gave me a chance to sample various time periods that I wouldn't have watched otherwise except when I run through them all every 5 or 10 years.

Unknown said...

Yes, the random episodes are amazingly fresh. I watched one recently just to see the new intros and caught myself watching the whole CD in two sittings.

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