Friday, May 1, 2015

Haunt your own home with NIGHT TERRORS app

NIGHT TERRORS: "An ultra immersive gaming experience that transforms your environment into a terrifying hellscape."

If this game actually works, it will probably be a blast.

If this game actually works, it will probably be incredibly disturbing.

If this game actually works ... well, you're probably seeing a pattern here.

NIGHT TERRORS is designed to be an immersive, binaural, survival horror game that is played on the iPhone. The game uses your camera to capture your environment (presumably your home) and inserts ghosts into the scene. There's an Indogogo campaign to fund the app, which is outlined in painstaking detail HERE. None of the technobabble concerning the game means much to me (though the use of the word "binaural" suggests the developers are serious about making this game as "immersive" as possible for a phone app). But one thing leaped out at me in the game's summary:
"Gameplay is deceptively simple.  You only have to do two things.
1) Save the girl.
2) Survive."
I've seen one or two horror movies over the years and they rarely rely on "Damsel in Distress" tropes. It's pretty typical in video games (and by typical, I mean obnoxious and pervasive) but in horror movies women usually save themselves. From FRIDAY THE 13th to ALIEN to SCREAM, these films tend to end with women acting on their own agency while simultaneously rendering their antagonists into so much meat byproduct. Prince Charming dies a horrible death before the end of Act II.

Who will rescue Johnny Depp ... from himself?
NIGHT TERRORS is looking for $70,000 to launch the app. I'd like to see this happen, if for no other reason than to take it to Lyndhurst during the next Dark Shadows Festival. Who doesn't want to chase ghosts in that place?


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