Friday, May 8, 2015

David Selby: "The theatre went dark"

David Selby participated in Ford Theatre's commemoration of the murder of Abraham Lincoln on April 14, which marked the 150th anniversary of the president's death. It was a pretty interesting event, one that I failed to acknowledge in any real depth here at the CHS.

Selby and Colin Powell at Ford Theater last month.
The Hollywood Billboard spoke with Selby recently and has a pretty good interview with the actor about the event. While DARK SHADOWS gets short shrift in the story, I'm willing to let that slide given the somber subject matter. Here's a sample:

“On the night of the performance, at the exact time he was shot, the music stopped and the theatre went dark. Everyone went outside with candles. Throughout the night, updates were given, just like they did back then. The following morning there was a wreath-laying ceremony, and I read Walt Whitman’s, O Captain, My Captain!"
You can read the full interview HERE.

Also making the rounds last month (I'm lazy!) were photos of Selby and retired general Colin Powell hobnobbing at the event. If their conversation didn't end with Selby holding a rapier to Powell's throat (while demanding to know the location of Iraq's mythical WMDs) I'd be deeply disappointed.

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