Thursday, December 12, 2013

Watch Kathryn Leigh Scott in THE RISING LIGHT

Last week was a busy one for Ansel Faraj. Not only did his first feature, DOCTOR MABUSE, arrive on DVD, but his short film THE RISING LIGHT hit the interwebz, as well. Here's how he describes the 52-minute film:
"It's a road movie. It's an odyssey across fantastical realms and worlds. It's an alien drama that blends 50's sci-fi with existential themes, the exploration of an outsider, and a study of loss and failure. It's a tale of magic and sorcery."
The short features many of the conspirators behind DOCTOR MABUSE, including Kathryn Leigh Scott, Nathan Wilson, and Linden Chiles. You can watch THE RISING LIGHT for free streaming above. Enjoy!

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