Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Collinsport News Bulletins

* The Lovecraft eZine has an interesting essay about the relationship between DARK SHADOWS and H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhy Mythos. Writer Rick Lai argues that Lovecraft's writings might not have been the sole inspiration for the controversial story arc.
"The Leviathan storyline may have also borrowed an element from the Cthulhu Mythos stories of August Derleth. There was no true defense against the Old Ones in Lovecraft’s original tales, but there were vague references to a symbol called the Elder Sign. In stories like “The House on Curwen Street” (first published as “The Trail of Cthulhu,” Weird Tales, March 1944), Derleth decided to transform the Elder Sign into a five-pointed star, a pentagram. This version of the Elder Sign could repel the Old Ones in the same manner that a crucifix thwarts vampires."
Read the entire essay HERE.

* Speaking of the Leviathans, we've got a sponsor! Even though The Collinsport Historical Society has bills to pay, I've avoided cluttering this page with unnecessary ads. Nobody visits a DARK SHADOWS webpage to see pop-up ads about power saws and penis pills, but I think HORROR IN CLAY is a good fit for the site. See that add at the top of the rail to your left? Use the code "leviathan" to save 10% off a purchase of $43 or more. Please pay a visit to their store.

* David-Elijah Nahmod's latest BARNABAS' COLUMN entry at Fangoria is a profile of actress/writer Kathryn Leigh Scott. It also includes a mention of yours truly, which makes it all the more unforgivable that it's taken about three weeks for me to mention it here. GO READ IT!

(NOTE: I spent several hours watching DARK SHADOWS last weekend, shot some video from the TV screen with my smartphone, and accidentally made a few music videos using free apps. The imagery that resulted was ... interesting. The photo at the top of this post should give you a taste, but you can watch the whole thing yourself at The Collinsport Historical Society Tumblr feed.)

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