Friday, December 13, 2013

Nancy Barrett returns in DARK SHADOWS: CURTAIN CALL

CURTAIN CALL, the next DARK SHADOWS audiodrama from Big Finish, is due out in January. Here's the official summary, which includes a few details about 2014's second installment, THE HARVEST OF SOULS:

Sheila Steafel as Henrietta Frobisher.
CURTAIN CALL sees the audio debut of cockney psychic showgirl Leticia Faye, played by Nancy Barrett (Dark Shadows, One Life To Live, Ryan's Hope). Leticia, now living in New York in 1857, is struggling to fit in with the high society she's married into. One night she meets the charismatic Joshua King, played by Peter Brooke (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Spooks), and it's the beginning of a dangerous new partnership.

DARK SHADOWS: CURTAIN CALL is written by David Lemon, a writer new to Big Finish. "It was great fun imagining Leticia’s life after the events of the TV series" says David. "I’m a big fan of the supernatural, especially in audio drama, so the idea of Leticia’s return to the limelight being fraught with danger - and echoes of both her past and future - really appealed to me” .

“It's a brilliant script,” says co-producer Joseph Lidster. “It's very funny but there's a real sadness at the heart of Leticia's character.”

The cover, full cast list and behind-the-scenes photographs are now available here. A trailer will be released shortly.

February's Dark Shadows release, THE HARVEST OF SOULS, sees us return to Collinsport in the 1970s to see what effect the events of this Halloween's Beyond the Grave have had on the surviving residents.
Pre-order CURTAIN CALL from Big Finish HERE.

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