Friday, December 6, 2013

BIG FINISH announces titles of 2014 DARK SHADOWS releases

BIG FINISH has announced the slate of DARK SHADOWS audiodramas due out in 2014. Returning next year are a lot of familiar faces, including Nancy Barrett, Lisa Richards, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker, Jerry Lacy, Donna McKechnie and David Selby. Many of the studio's regular supporting players are also slated to return, including my new favorite, Stephanie Ellyne as Amy Jennings.

Here's the press release.

Big Finish is pleased to announce details of the 2014 series of Dark Shadows Dramatic Readings. As ever, the series will feature characters both old and new facing a terrifying array of spooky horrors. Titles, authors and back cover blurbs can be found on the individual story pages with further details if you follow the link below.

The series kicks off in January with Curtain Call, by television and radio writer David Lemon. In 1857, Leticia Faye (Nancy Barrett), a music hall singer and psychic finds herself embroiled with the mysterious showman Joshua King (Peter Brooke) and his new religion.

February's release, The Harvest of Souls, is by returning writer James Goss. A dark character study featuring Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott) it explores her state of mind following the devastating events of this Halloween's Beyond the Grave. The story also features Jonathon Marx as Sheriff Jim Hardy and Colin Baker as the mysterious Gerald Conway.

March sees the return of Amy Jennings (Stephanie Ellyne) in The Happier Dead. Despite her best attempts to escape the supernatural, Amy finds herself in a hospital in which nobody dies. The story, by theatre playwright Adam Usden, also features the return of Sabrina Jennings (Lisa Richards).

Sabrina takes centre stage in April's Carriage of the Damned by new writer Alan Flanagan. Determined to find a cure for her werewolf curse, Sabrina boards a train on which she hopes to find the head of long-dead warlock Gerard Stiles. The story also sees the return of Hallie Stokes to Dark Shadows, with Kathleen Cody reprising her role after over forty years.

Private detective Tony Peterson (Jerry Lacy) and the witch Cassandra (Lara Parker) return in May's The Devil Cat. The story, by Mark Thomas Passmore, sees them facing their greatest challenge yet – the English aristocracy.

Although we previously announced that there would be a Christmas special this year, we're sorry to say that, due to time constraints, this is no longer the case. The Darkest Shadow, featuring Quentin Collins (David Selby) and Amanda Harris (Donna McKechnie) will now complete our 2014 series in June. The story, by award-winning writer Nev Fountain, presents a previously untold encounter between the two immortal lovers.

The plays will be released from January through to June and are available to pre-order now – individually or as part of a six-story subscription package.

Exciting news about further Dark Shadows releases for 2014 will be announced soon.

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