Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two-Fisted Tales of the Rondos!

The RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS took place last Saturday at WonderFest, which is an annual "hobby expo" in Louisville, Kentucky. I wasn't able to attend, though I made an incorporeal appearance when the time came for the COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY to receive the award for BEST BLOG of 2012. Luckily, PATRICK McCRAY was there, and I spoke to the audience via his cellphone from the front porch of The Kraken Gastropub in Columbia, S.C. Here's what happened, courtesy of THE CLASSIC HORROR FILM BOARD FORUMS:
Patrick and "Wallace," via cell phone.
"CAN YOU HEAR US NOW? One of the highlights of this year's Rondo Awards Ceremony was when Dark Shadows fan Patrick McCray accepted the Best Blog
Rondo for The Collinsport Historical Society. At one point, Patrick called Collinsport's blogmaster, Wallace McBride to have him address the crowd by speaker phone. "I can't believe this,'' Wallace said. "Are there really people there?" The audience
responded with a huge roar."
There are more photos and videos from the event, which you can see HERE. And don't miss what Patrick had to say about the event over at THE COLLINS FOUNDATION.

I'm both shocked and flattered by this award, and hope my absence from last weekend's event wasn't interpreted as disrespect. When I launched this blog more than a year ago, many of my models for  "successful" websites were previous Rondo award winners. The idea of actually getting one myself was kind of absurd, though ... so it's appropriate that my "appearance" during last weekend's ceremony was a little bizarre. None of this could have happened if my readers hadn't taken time from their day to vote, or without the other bloggers who have contributed over the last year to help make this a more interesting place to visit. I owe you all a debt of gratitude.

- Wallace McBride


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I got really confused for a minutes there. I'm from Boston and the point guard for the Boston Celtics' name is "Rondo." Anyway, congrats on the award!

MissSpottyJane said...

Congratulations, you've obviously worked hard for it.

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