Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Collinsport News Bulletins

* NANCY KERSEY is accepting pre-orders on the upcoming book, REMEMBERING JONATHAN FRID. While the final book will cost $30, those who order now will save $10 on the cover price. Here's her message that's been making the rounds on Facebool:
"This book takes a look at the man behind the legend and what made him tick. Former, long time personal assistants, fellow actors, cousins, nephews, friends and fans share insightful stories and memories that have not been aired or published before. 100 plus pages, including many rare black and white photos. Some proceeds benefit the John H. Frid Fund (Hamilton Community Foundation). Pre-orders accepted through June 30th. Publication in Fall of 2013. Send $20.00 via paypal to or a check/money order made out to Helen Samaras, 541 Birch Street, West Hempstead, NY 11552. Selling price of this book after June 30th will be $30.00 so don’t miss out on this special pre-order price!!"
* THE DARK SHADOWS EXPERIMENT will be starting this weekend. On Sunday, PATRICK McCRAY is going to spent 60 days watching the "core" storyline of DARK SHADOWS. For each episode, he plans to write a diary entry about the events of the episode as one of the characters from the show in an effort to "to gain a deeper perspective on the show." For me details, visit THE COLLINS FOUNDATION.

* A giveaway for KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT's latest novel, DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HEELS,  ends tomorrow at the LIBRARY GIRL READS AND REVIEWS blog.

* An "exclusive" digital edition of issue #2 of DARK SHADOWS YEAR ONE is now available from COMIXOLOGY.

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Unknown said...

dark shadows was the best soap opra i'v ever seen my favorites were Jonathan Fridd as Barnabas And David Selby As Quentin i wish they would show Dark shadows again i miss the show so much <3 <3 <3 <3

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