Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Streets of Ancaster

CATHY ROBBINS, one of the masterminds behind the campaign to get JONATHAN FRID on Canada's Walk of Fame, has been visiting the actor's hometown of Ancaster, Ontario, this week. She's been sharing photos of her trip on the group's Facebook page, giving us all a better look at where Frid spent the first and last years of his life.

Historically, Frid's personal life and professional life have been neatly divided. Because DARK SHADOWS wasn't broadcast in Canada during its original run, many people from his hometown had no idea how big of a hit the show really was. Meanwhile, it's unlikely that many Americans could even find Ancaster on a map, creating a separation between personal life and career that Frid undoubtedly enjoyed. Thanks to the Internet, many fans now know that Frid's family was quite successful, but Robbins' photos are giving us a better idea of exactly how prominent they are in the local community.

Robbins has quite a few photos of her trip on Facebook, but interest in her trip (as well as the Canada's Walk of Fame campaign) has spread to other Facebook pages originating in Ancaster.

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