Monday, May 13, 2013

Collinsport News Bulletins

* The Argentinian government reportedly pulled DARK SHADOWS from the air in the early '70s for being "too disturbing."

* Bloody Disgusting is saying Seth Grahame-Smith, screenwriter of last year's DARK SHADOWS and ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE: VAMPIRE HUNTER, is lending his "talents" to a remake of 1984's GREMLINS. This sounds like a terrific idea, he said sarcastically.

* I quit reading Dynamite's DARK SHADOWS comics last year because I was running out of ways to explain how terrible they were. Yes, some of the artwork is quite nice, but pretty pictures don't automatically equate a good story. It's rather amazing that there are two DARK SHADOWS books on the market right now, but it's equally sad that they're well-drawn rubbish. Anyhoo, Dynamite has solicitation info posted for the next issues of this series, if you're interested. Also, here's a positive review of Issue #16 of the series, in the interest of balance.

* This isn't exactly news, but I thought I'd throw this out there: there's a shrub named Leptospermum "Dark Shadows."

1 comment:

Ted said...

I'm sure my reading of "talents" was filled with at least equal sarcasm to your typing of same.

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