Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sample pages from Bret M. Herholz's proposed DARK SHADOWS comic series

Last summer, artist Bret M. Herholz posted several DARK SHADOWS comicbook pages he created as a proposal for a new series for Dynamite. I think this is the most fascinating comicbook interpretation of the series I've seen outside of the work of George Caltsoudas. Obviously, Dynamite decided to go in a more conventional direction with its DARK SHADOWS comic, but I hold out hope that they'll try something a little more daring (and interesting) before their license on the property lapses. This is the closest thing we'll ever get to an Edward Gorey comic.

Here's what Herholz had to say about the work:
"Dynamite has a really great roster of titles and the cult classic gothic soap Dark Shadows is one of them. Although I am aware Dynamite's portrayal of Barnabas Collins is his much later incarnation which he is cured of his vampirism I'm just more fascinated by the dynamics of his earlier Dracula/Renfield redux relationship between himself and Willie Loomis. And being a fan of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, I decided to render the pages in sepia tones."
You can see more sample pages at his blog.


George Caltsoudas said...

I love that artwork style. It would be cool to see that in a collected book of short stories by various writers and artists, but alas, I don't know if Dynamite are the kind of publisher that does that sort of thing.

Bret M. Herholz said...

Thank you for your kind words George. I had hoped to maybe do an issue or two of the Dynamite series. But I haven't heard back from them. But I agree. I'd jump at the opportunity of doing a short story with them.

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