Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1987 PBS documentary celebrates Dark Shadows

I'm still in the process of watching this, but what I've seen so far is fascinating. CASTING SHADOWS is a documentary produced by the defunct PBS affiliate WNYC-TV in 1987 to promote a new broadcast of the original episodes.

JONATHAN FRID introduces the proceedings, which also includes extensive interviews with Frid, KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT, CLARICE BLACKBURN, JOAN BENNETT, NANCY BARRETT and LOUIS EDMONDS. It also includes some footage from a DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL of the time.

Thanks to David-Elijah Nahmod for the link!


David Elijah Nahmod said...

The 1980s cemented DS's reputation as a cult show with a huge fan base. About a dozen PBS stations ran it--all of them reported a sharp increase in membership as a result.
In the 70s, DS reruns bombed on a number of stations, so the PBS run was a godsend.

Unknown said...

That was great. I particularly enjoyed the interviews with Clarice Blackburn and Joan Bennett, as I never had the pleaure of meeting them. Thanks!

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