Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Finish announces Dark Shadows titles for 2013

Last years's DARK SHADOWS hoopla might have slowed down a bit, but that's not stopping BIG FINISH from scheduling a number of new audio dramas for the new year. The roster of talent involved in the up-coming adventures includes LARA PARKER, JERRY LACY and a mysterious (and un-named) guest star.

The press release:

The series kicks off in May with The Phantom Bride, by Mark Thomas Passmore. Private detective Tony Peterson (Jerry Lacy) and the witch Cassandra (Lara Parker) are back! Their latest case sees them investigating a series of mysterious deaths on a cruise ship. Tony and Cassandra were reunited in The Death Mask, and their adventures continued in The Voodoo Amulet and The Last Stop.

A serial killer strikes in Collinsport in Beneath the Veil by Kymberly Ashman, returning to the range after her debut with last year's Dreaming of the Water. This is followed by The Enemy Within by Will Howells, a writer new to Big Finish. Eric Wallace, writer of The Wicked and the Dead, returns to the range for The Lucifer Gambit, a story that also sees the return to Dark Shadows of an actor - and character - yet to have featured in the audio series... 

September's release The Flip Side is a psychological thriller by Cody Quijano-Schell, another writer new to Big Finish, and the series ends with a Halloween special, Broadcast Critical, by Aaron Lamont.
The plays will be released from May through to October and are available to pre-order now, individually and as a subscription. Further details on this series - and this year's Christmas special - will be released soon.

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Dirk Bevlin said...

Man, this is great news. I thought there were supposed to be a couple releases toward the end of last year. Did I miss something?

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