Monday, July 16, 2018

Dark Shadows Lives!

For a television show cancelled in 1971, there are a lot of people talking about DARK SHADOWS today. Here's a roundup:

David Selby won the internet this week with the most popular DARK SHADOWS-related post in ages. It's the real thing.

Posted by David Selby on Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Dark Shadows Daybook is back! Patrick McCray returned from his break today with a look at episode 804, taped on this date in 1969. Here's an abstract: "t’s taken three years for the mind-switch episode of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND to infiltrate daytime soaps, but it finally arrives in high style in episode 804. The result is another slice of wackiness that, if it weren’t for the specter of Quentin’s lost child and murdered brother, would deserve a laugh track." You can read the full piece HERE.

Dark Shadows Before I Die visits episode 536, broadcast July 15, 1968, which finds Barnabas, Willie and Julia having predictably bad days. Abstract: "So Barnabas asks Julia to promise to stake him, and while she does promise him, when the time comes she doesn't do it. Instead, they bury him, underground this time, so he'll be undead AND underground. Such a pal." You can read the full piece HERE.

This isn't the first time Argyle Goolsby and Shadows Windhawk have been mentioned at the CHS and it probably won't be the last. Both are DARK SHADOWS fans and have written songs about the Collins clan, so it shouldn't be surprising that both recently found themselves on the grounds of Seaview Terrace, the "real life" Collinwood. "Checked another off my Bucket List yesterday," SW wrote in an Instagram post. "Behind me is the exterior location for Collinwood from the original Dark Shadows TV series. DS is very close to my heart, I grew up watching it on VHS with my Dad." You can see them together in the photo below from Goolsby's account. Meanwhile, catch them on tour with Michael Graves. Find the tour dates HERE.

Becca seems like good people.

Meanwhile, the HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS Facebook page is nearing 500 "likes." Pay it a visit!

Trivia: Actress Nancy Barrett donated her fangs used in HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS to the 2016 Dark Shadows Festival charity auction.
Posted by House of Dark Shadows on Sunday, July 15, 2018

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