Friday, July 27, 2018

A Latin Tribute to Barnabas Collins, 1972

For a guy who didn't even own a radio, Barnabas Collins has had quite a successful career in music. He's appeared in hip hop, punk, pop and reggae songs. Thanks to a tip from a reader in Spain, we now know that Barnabas was also the star of a Latin pop song in 1972. Gonzalo J. explains:

"Hi, I'm a longtime follower of the Collinsport Historical Society. I'm Venezuelan but right now I live in Valencia, Spain.

The other day a Twitter follower sent me this link, redirecting me to a YouTube song by a famous venezuelan orchestra called Los Melódicos:

It's a song called 'Hasta cuándo Barnabás' (Until When Barnabas), you can hear it at 20:44. It says "Barnabás es un vampiro / que está metido en el guiro" and it even starts with compasses from the song 'London Bridge is Falling Down', heard in Dark Shadows.

'Dark Shadows' was a very popular show in Venezuela, where it was called 'Sombras tenebrosas'.

Los Melódicos was a band created by Renato Capriles. It played merengue, cumbia and many other latin rhythms.

This song is a complete rarity and a testament to Barnabas Collins' popularity in Venezuela."

You can listen to the entire album in the link provided above, or skip directly to a 60-second clip from "Hasta cuándo Barnabás" in the video below.

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