Friday, July 13, 2018

Dark Shadows Lives!

For a television show cancelled in 1971, there are a lot of people talking about DARK SHADOWS today. Here's a roundup:

Dark Shadows Before I Die visits July 12, 1968, the date of broadcast for episode 535 of DARK SHADOWS. If you've seen the episode you probably know this episode best for its notorious witch slap. Abstract: "I would have liked to have seen Vicki rip off her wig and stomp on it. It's mystifying that Cassandra continues her pretense that she's not Angelique to the characters who all know that she is, even in Barnabas' dream! I wonder what she'll do now that she's finally satisfied her thirst for revenge." You can read the full piece HERE.

The News Sentinal has published a retrospective on the Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana, featuring a slideshow of photos from the festival's history. Among them is an image from 1969 showing the year's grand marshals Jonathan Frid and John Banner ("Sergeant Schultz" from HOGAN'S HEROES.) You can read the story HERE.


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