Tuesday, October 31, 2017

MPI Media Group launches Dark Shadows TV

Watching DARK SHADOWS just got easier -- and cheaper -- than ever.

MPI Media Group has launched www.darkshadows.tv, a streaming service devoted to all things DARK SHADOWS. While we're all going to need a little time to browse through it's initial offerings, it appears that all 1,225 episodes of the series, the "Fan Favorites" and "Best of Barnabas" collections, as well as a number of "exclusive" bonus videos are streaming. MPI is asking for $7.99 a month to subscribe to the service, a fee that includes a 14-day free trial. An annual membership is also available for $79.99, which includes two months free.

Also: Customers who subscribe before Nov. 22, 2017, will be entered in a contest to win a free lifetime subscription to the series.

The streaming service, available through the Vimeo subsidiary VHX, will also offer curated playlists of select episodes grouped by theme - e.g., episodes set in 1897 or 1795, the "parallel time" arc, werewolves, etc. - to give viewers a different way to experience the series.

It's fitting that news of www.darkshadows.tv dropped on Halloween, but it's uncertain if the website is fully functional yet. There's been no formal announcement about the website from any of the usual sources, but regardless ... this is great news.

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