Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Check out this Dark Shadows Halloween "advent calendar"

Politely put, the "dream curse" story line of DARK SHADOWS is not among my favorites of the show. It was a neat idea, to be sure. Angelique casts a kind of "viral spell" at Barnabas Collins, one that leaps from dreamer to dreamer as it inches ever-so-slowly toward its intended victim. But the novelty (for me, anyway) wore off pretty fast. You can only watch actors feign terror at medical school skeletons for so long before things get tedious.

My disdain for the dream curse makes this bit of art all the more special, really. Artist @lunettarose has boiled down the curse's many elements into a Halloween "advent calendar" that's so charming that it has me reconsidering my anti-dream curse position. I seriously love this.

You can check our the exterior and interior of the art on her tweet below.

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