Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Dark Shadows Halloween Gift Guide

The Tony & Cassandra Mysteries
She’s a witch. He’s a private detective. And when they get together, it’s magic … Lara Parker and Jerry Lacy team up for this anthology of tales about Collinsport's most unlikely detective team. This one features an appearance by actress Julia Duffy! Via Big Finish.

Mani-Yack Barnabas

Artist Jeff Carlson brings back one of the coolest oddities from the Golden Age of Monster Kids. Barnabas Collins never had a Mani-Yack t-shirt transfer, a regrettable oversight that Carlson corrects here. Via Redbubble.

Mani-Yack Monster Skirt
Another from Jeff Carlson, this skirt is decorated with the likenesses of classic monsters, and complements the Mani-Yack Barnabas perfectly. Via Ebay.

Dark Shadows or Slayer?
Why not both?  Via Zazzle.

Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon

It's got a cape. And maybe an aversion to sunlight. Via Amazon.

Dark Shadows Chiffon Top
This is a surprisingly terrific piece of art for a Redbubble product, which are often just "borrowed" photos carelessly slapped onto products like cell phone cases. Nice job, mystery artist! Via Redbubble.

Brach's Vampire Teeth Candy Corn
To be more specific, 3.8 pounds of candy corn. Don't judge me.

A Dark Shadows Blacklight Poster
I've shared the work of this artist before, and it went over extremely well. Since then, the artist has created a few more DARK SHADOWS pieces, including this character portrait showing Barnabas, Josette and Angelique. Via Ebay.

Dark Shadows: The Complete Newspaper Strips
Sadly, this item is going to be published a little too late for Halloween. I have it on good authority that the production of the book is going well, and is targeted for release at the start of the new year. You can pre-order the book online. Via Amazon.

A big-ass box of wax fangs
Does this product need a description? No. It does not. Via Amazon.

A really expensive pumpkin
Say what you will about Tim Burton's 2012 DARK SHADOWS movie ... but visually, it was amazing. If you're willing to splurge on yourself (or a loved one) you can own one of the prop pumpkins used in the film. Remember how it was set at Halloween? A plot point that served no purpose at all? Sigh. Via Propstore.

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