Thursday, February 23, 2017

The "Heiress of Collinwood" arrives

So, you've already had three months to pick up a copy of Lara Parker's latest DARK SHADOWS novel, "Heiress of Collinwood." Maybe you're the cautious sort, the kind of person who waits for everyone else to get into the water to make sure there aren't sharks lurking around. Or maybe you just forgot! It happens to the best of us. It even happened to Quentin Collins that one time, where he spent several months thinking he was some jerk named Grant Douglas. Regardless of your particular situation/phobia/neurological disorder, Parker announced on Facebook this week that her copies of the new book have arrived ... those of you wanting to get a signed edition from the author, head on over to her website and place your order! Here's a LINK to help you on your quest.

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