Monday, February 6, 2017

Jonathan Frid at the Devon Horse Show

Jonathan Frid didn't get much rest during the years he spent on DARK SHADOWS. When not spending most of his waking hours on the set, he was traveling around the country to promote the series, often in character. In May, 1969, Frid attended the Devon Horse Show in Devon, Pa. The May 28, 1969, issue of The Delaware County Daily Times had a footnote about his appearance, which read:
"Devon has something for everyone. The TV crowd went wild when Jonathon Frid was escorted around the Gold Circle in a convertible painted bright enough yellow to dispel any 'Dark Shadows' he might meet when he stars as Barnabas."
The story was not accompanied by photos. Luckily, Frid held onto some from the event, and later gave them to his creative partner, Nancy Kersey. Nancy, in turn, sent me scans of these photos, which you see here. These are candid images from her personal collection.

Below is a sample of the event's press coverage.

Delaware County Daily Times, May 21, 1969.

UPDATE: DARK SHADOWS fan Anita L. DeFrehn was at the 1969 event and captured some rare color photos. "I pushed my way to get as close as I could to my childhood idol, she said. "I was so excited I cried!"


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