Thursday, February 23, 2017

Witches plan mass hexing of Donald Trump

Tomorrow night, Feb. 24, starting at one minute to midnight and going on for six minutes until 12:05 a.m., a (mostly) unidentified group of witches plan to perform a mass binding spell on President Bannon's orange homunculus, Donald Trump. The whole thing sounds surprisingly complicated, involving a sackful of props (such as salt, orange candles, pins and ashtrays), a ritual/spell, a selection of "variants" on the ritual and alternative participation methods for those who can't pitch camp outside Mordor Trump Tower or wherever the hell Trump is vacationing this weekend.

The ritual will be repeated at "every waning moon" at midnight until Trump has been "driven from office." This thing is making me so giddy that I can barely type. This is a magic(k) war, people! With candles! And Twitter! Is it too late to enlist?

You can read more about the event over at Extra News Feed HERE, and keep up with the group on Facebook at Bind Trump.

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