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The Dark Shadows Daybook: AUGUST 1


Aug. 1, 1966
Taped on this date: Episode: 36

Back from town, Vicki asks about David. Given the danger he poses, she must return home.  Sam Evans calls for Roger, but won’t give his name. When he’s not available, Sam hangs up.  At the Inn diner, Sam looks up to see Roger waiting. Roger is furious that he called for him… his first call there in eighteen years. Sam is not to call Collinwood nor take portrait commissions from Burke. Sam says Burke won’t let him out of it. Roger says to protect himself, Sam will do as he says. Meanwhile, Liz tells Vicki that she can contain David. This persuades her to stay, but an eavesdropping David scowls. As they leave, David loudly reiterates her desire to stay. Liz calls him into the drawing room and debates with him about his attitude toward the future and how she is there to help him. He begs her not to stop loving her. Roger enters and cites him as a potential murderer. He says he promises not to do anything else bad. He goes off to bed with Roger’s cattiest wishes for pleasant dreams. Vicki goes to the Inn diner where Sam approaches. He warns her of death on the hill. Liz returns to the drawing room, and Roger rants about Liz’s “help” that’s hurt everyone. He says Collinwood might vanish and she would never know. He exits as Vicki reenters. Liz calls for Ned Caulder in Portland, but he’s not available. Vicki overhears this.

Newsflash! Vicki wants to leave Collinwood, but Liz talks her into staying. Roger warns Sam to stay away. David hates Vicki. Roger is a terrible father. Where have we heard this before? Oh yes, on every episode prior to this one. These early soaps were, by necessity, repetitive. They also said the same thing again and again. As well as covering the same material more than once. I think I mentioned this in the past.

(Episode 26 airs on this date.)

Aug. 1, 1967
Taped on this date: Episode: 296

Dave is amazed when a hypnotized Maggie has no memory. She also has no memory of Dr. Hoffman. There’s no memory as to her kidnapping nor time at Windcliff. She learns everyone thought she was dead. Her entire memory after the time before her disappearance began is gone. Sam is elated to see her. Dave is skeptical, but Julia plays it cool. With her father, she begins to remember her attacker, but then breaks down before the image is clear. Sam wants to take her home, but Julia wants her at Windcliff for longer. Sam insists on taking her home. The sheriff will stand guard. Julia will continue to treat her, but she must keep Julia’s identity as a doctor a secret. Back at home, Maggie feels understandably paranoid. Sam calms her that guards are everywhere. Joe enters, and the reunion is tender and immediate. She wants to know if she were crazy. Joe says no, and vows to keep her from danger. At the Old House, Julia visits Barnabas and reports that Maggie’s mind is wiped. She will keep Maggie’s mind wiped as long as Barnabas allows Julia’s work to continue. If anything happens to Maggie, she will expose Barnabas. A cock springs awake to herald the sunrise, and as Barnabas returns to his coffin, he concludes that Maggie must die to protect his identity. At Maggie’s room, a wolf howls and Maggie finds Sarah’s doll beside her bed.

When in doubt, have Sam and Joe elated to see Maggie back to normal… or is she? Julia’s journey is from ignorant strength to terror and then, back to strength. The highlight?  When she lights her cigarette on the Old House candles while blackmailing Collinwood’s mightiest monster. Never before has Barnabas looked down the barrel of a cigarette holder.

(Episode 287 airs on this date.)

Aug. 1, 1968
Taped on this date: Episode: 559

Angelique finds Nicholas admiring himself in a mirror. Barnabas has agreed to the experiment in exchange for Vicki’s freedom. Angelique feels the sting about his Barnabas’s comparatively greater love. He then asks Angelique to gaze into a mirror where they see Vicki tied up. He’s going to allow a trapped Vicki to escape. The door to her room opens. She examines the threshold. She begins to leave and Nicholas gloats about what is to come. Vicki descends the stairs to find the front door locked. In the living room, the doors and windows are also locked. Josette’s music box plays. Nicholas’ voice calls her name. He tells her she’s been there before. She can go as soon as she tells him who he is and where she is. He tells her to think and listen. She cries in ignorance. But the voice says that this is the Old House. That means the voice must be Barnabas. Convinced of these things, she says she will go to Collinwood to see Jeff. She is ordered to go back to Collinwood as fast as she can. She exits, thoroughly bluffed. Nicholas gloats to Angelique. He has business to attend to and leaves Angelique to be a bored prisoner, waiting. At the Evans cottage, Maggie greets Nicholas, who apologizes for keeping her waiting about the painting purchase. She reports that Joe is being released from the hospital. A knock at the door and… it’s Joe, home from the hospital. She introduces the two men. Maggie goes to get drinks and the two men size each other up. They toast to Joe’s future, and it bringing him all that he deserves. At Collinwood, Jeff finishes a call to the sheriff. Jeff says he’ll keep looking. At that moment, Vicki arrives. They embrace. She claims to have been at the Old House, but he says she’s been missing for two days. Jeff points out that her engagement ring is missing. At the cottage, Maggie convinces Joe that she and Nicholas are just friends. Nicholas, with Angelique, convinces her that Joe is coming. If not, her next victim will still be Joe Haskell.

Nicholas Blair may be a horrible man, but he’s a charming surgeon who works with exacting precision and never, as he says, makes the same mistake twice. When he leaves Angelique at home to be bored, it’s the very picture of a confident parent dealing with a petulant child. Parker, a mom, must have had experience. His natty enthusiasm makes him look like he zipped straight off the opening credits to BEWITCHED. The only other actor to have as much fun in his chemistry with Maggie and Angelique was Jonathan Frid. Guess which one got to enjoy it?

(Episode 549 airs on this date.)

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