Monday, August 8, 2016

Quiz: The Dark Shadows/Game Show Connections

Since it's launch in 1964, JEOPARDY! has produced almost 10,000 episodes.

Now, JEOPARDY! does not actually factor into the answers for this week's quiz. It's mentioned here only as an example of how many game shows have been produced over the last 50+ years. There's a fair chance that future archaeologists will reach the conclusion that 20th century Americans were lead by perfectly coiffed shaman who preserved our verbal cultural history, stories which were also shared nightly via the airwaves.

It would be hard to argue with that conclusion, especially when you add up the staggering number of hours occupied by game shows on television. Game shows touch just about every facet of our culture, from U.S. presidents (Ronald Reagan was on WHAT'S MY LINE?) to scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson on JEOPARDY!) to serial killers (Rodney James Alcala.) Game shows are the cheese on the pizza that is America.

So, it stands to reason that even a show like DARK SHADOWS would have a few connections to game shows, right? Right! I've stitched together six challenging questions for this week's quiz, which will ask you to connect game show hosts with a series of DARK SHADOWS cast members.

You can play this week's quiz below. And don't forget to have your werewolves spayed or neutered.

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