Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Many actresses include the word "modeling" in their biographies, even though the ephemeral nature of the industry makes it difficult to source. The Internet has turned the entire world into a planet of voyeurs detectives, though, and nothing stays hidden for very long anymore. Eventually, even the early modeling careers for such folks as Sharon StoneKeira Knightley and Whitney Houston were brought to light, despite the best intentions of their management.

Even though she was just 21 when she joined the cast of DARK SHADOWS in 1966, Alexandra Moltke's resume was centered on acting, citing stage productions of "The Reluctant Debutante," "I Remember Mama," and "Othello." With the exception of modeling for Vogue when she was four years old, Moltke essentially missed out on the "paying your dues" phase of her acting career.

Near the end of 1967, though, TV Guide offered her the opportunity to correct this professional oversight. In the Dec. 16-22 issue, Moltke was featured on a multi-page spread showing off seasonal fashions. Neal Barr, a contributing photographer for Harper's Bazaar, shot the session. You can see the PETA-unfriendly images below.

For context, this feature was part of an on-going series at TV Guide that (usually) involved up-and-coming actresses. Paula Prentiss was featured in a similar spread in the magazine's final October issue ...

... Claire Bloom modeled for the series in September that year ...

... and Lee Remick appeared in an August issue. That's not bad company.

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