Monday, March 2, 2015

The CHS gets its third Rondo nomination for BEST BLOG!

The Collinsport Historical Society has received a pair of Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards nominations for its work in 2014! Not only has the CHS been nominated for BEST BLOG, but "Bride of Monster Serial," our collection of essays on horror films, has been nominated for BEST BOOK.

While DARK SHADOWS is sparsely represented on this year's ballots, you'll find several original cast members from the show mentioned elsewhere. An interview with actor Jerry Lacy about the indie film DOCTOR MABUSE has received a nod for BEST INTERVIEW, while THEATRE FANTASTIQUE: MADAME LA SOEUR (with Lacy, Lara Parker and Christoper Pennock) has been nominated for BEST SHORT FILM.

The Rondos are determined by votes from readers, so the results are quite literally in your hands. Here's how you can help.


There are 35 categories in all, but you DO NOT have to vote for each one in order for your vote to count. Visit the Rondo Hatton Awards site for the full list of candidates, or copy and paste the entries below and e-mail them to David Colton at by midnight, April 19, 2015.

THEATRE FANTASTIQUE: MADAME LA SOEUR, directed by Ansel Faraj. A seance, a disappearance, a mystery with Lara Parker, Jerry Lacy and Christoper Pennock


14. BEST INTERVIEW (Award goes to interviewer)
 Rod Labbe, interview with DARK SHADOWS' Jerry Lacy in SCARY MONSTERS #90

The Collinsport Historical Society

One vote is allowed per person. Every e-mail must include your name to be counted. All votes are kept confidential. No e-mail addresses or personal information will be shared.

If you're a regular visitor to the CHS, you're probably familiar with our MONSTER SERIAL feature. Our first collection of essays was published at the end of 2013, with "Bride Of Monster Serial" following in the early part of last year. We've been sharing complete essays from the book pretty regularly, and have a third book planned for release soon. You can read the entire MONSTER SERIAL feature by clicking this link. The book is also available on Amazon.

The Collinsport Historical Society was named BEST BLOG by the Rondos in 2012, and I'd love to see the website reclaim that honor this year. More importantly, I'm incredibly proud of the work done by the writers of "Bride Of Monster Serial" and hope to see their work recognized with an award. I'm honored that they'd lend their thoughts and names to my little website.

 The contributors are:
Congratulations are also in order for Ansel Faraj. In addition to his work on "Bride Of Monster Serial," Faraj is also the director of the Rondo-nominated THEATRE FANTASTIQUE: MADAME LA SOEUR. The nominated interview with Jerry Lacy is also related to one of Faraj's films, DOCTOR MABUSE.

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