Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's Barnabas Collins Vs. Jim Phelps in MeMadness event

UPDATE: Shit. DARK SHADOWS lost to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. If it's any consolation, M:I is now facing off against STAR TREK, which will surely kick its ass.


DARK SHADOWS is among the television shows competing for the title of “Most Memorable Program”  in MeTV’s MeMadness event.

Beginning earlier this week, 64 programs are being matched in a bracket-style competition, all leading to a special event on April 7 when MeTV will air episodes of the winning program. DARK SHADOWS is pitted against MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE during the first round. As much as I like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, it wasn't a tough choice for me.

Based on the roster of programs competing (you can download the full bracket HERE) there's a pretty good chance we'll see cast members from DARK SHADOWS on MeTV on April 7, even if the show doesn't win. Among the other programs in the bracket are NIGHT GALLERY, KOJAK, LOST IN SPACE, REMINGTON STEELE, THE UNTOUCHABLES and THE BRADY BUNCH ... all of which featured appearance from DARK SHADOWS alumni.

Click HERE to vote for DARK SHADOWS!

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