Sunday, March 29, 2015

Adam West, Burt Ward return for BATMAN feature in 2016

During yesterday's BATMAN panel at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, N.C., guests Adam West and Burt Ward announced they'd recently recorded dialogue for an animated BATMAN film slated for release in 2016 — the 50th anniversary of the classic television series.

Burt Ward and Adam West at the Mad Monster Party panel.
Actually, the actors speculated that the as-yet untitled film (presumably part of Warner Animation's line of direct-to-video DC Universe series) might be split into two movies They didn't share any additional details about the film(s), but its safe to say there's going to be extensive recasting of the show's principle actors. The legal dispute between 20th Century Fox (the creators of the original series) and Warner Bros (which own the BATMAN characters) dragged on for so long that almost everyone associated with the series died in the interim. While its easy to imagine Julie Newmar participating in the upcoming animated film, nobody's really clamoring for the return of John Astin to the role of "The Riddler." Will we see Mark Hamill take the place of Cesar Romero as "The Joker?" John DiMaggio? Wally Wingert?

It's not the first time Ward and West have returned to the roles of "Batman and Robin." Both have loaned their voices to the characters in everything from 1977's THE NEW ADVENTURES OF BATMAN AND ROBIN, to episodes of THE SIMPSONS. They also announced during yesterday's panel that they've recently recorded dialogue for an upcoming episode of ROBOT CHICKEN.

Watch video from the panel below.

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Unknown said...

Shades of "Return to the Batcave?" My main concern is that they're expecting lightning to strike twice with this phenomenon, and it seldom does. I'm really hoping it doesn't come off as forced or sad, given the amount of time that has passed between the original run of the series and now. And with the release of the series on home video last November, it doesn't seem to have grabbed the young audience of today. So it would appear that Warner is making this movie to appeal to a small number of hardcore 1966 TV series fans. But, it may be nice to hear Mr. West and Mr. Ward again. But don't fault me if I'm still a little apprehensive.

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