Thursday, November 20, 2014

Star Trek/Lovecraft adventure nominated for Audio Verse Awards

Congratulations to the Collinsport Historical Society's own Patrick McCray, whose STAR TREK: THE CONTINUING MISSION episode "Cathedral in the Void" has been nominated for a number of Audio Verse Awards.

Patrick McCray and ENTERPRISE star Anthony Montgomery.
STAR TREK: THE CONTINUING MISSION is a fan-produced series of audio dramas that returned in 2014 after a two-year hiatus. The series chronicles the adventures of the USS Montana, a Federation ship under the command of Capt. Paul Edwards. Released in May, "Cathedral in the Void" combines STAR TREK with H.P. Lovecraft's "Elder God" mythos. The episode was co-produced and directed by Patrick McCray, who also plays the character "Lt. Cdr. Jack McGuire" in the episode.

You can find McCray online at The Collins Foundation.

The Audio Verse Awards is dedicated to celebrating the best in free audio drama. Go vote now at

You can download "Cathedral in the Void" for free by visiting the episode's Soundcloud page HERE.

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