Monday, November 3, 2014

It's a DARK SHADOWS Halloween!

When compared to any other day of the week, my Halloween was pretty good. When stacked against prior Halloweens, though, this year's holiday pretty much sucked. And the bar had been set pretty low, too. Sara and I had intended to dress like zoo keepers (to match our baby's money costume, which you can see if you follow me on Instagram) and attend the Riverbanks Zoo's annual "Boo at the Zoo" event. The joke was on us, though: Thanks to a lack of attention on our part, we failed to notice the Halloween event ended on Oct. 30. Boo.

Our revised plan involved turning out the lights, hiding in the nursery to avoid trick-or-treaters (we hadn't bought candy, thinking we'd be out of the house) and watching DRACULA'S DAUGHTER. As it turns out, my DVD has developed a flaw that prevented it from playing. Plan C was a success, though: Put the baby to bed at his regular time, drink beer and catch up on THE DAILY SHOW.

Luckily, other people's Halloween was considerably spookier. Above, you can see some of the DARK SHADOWS-themed costumes from this year's holiday. While the Johnny Depp interpretation appears to have dominated, there were some terrific nods to the original Jonathan Frid incarnation.

You can see a few more Barnabas Collins costumes HERE.

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Unknown said...

Loved dressing up this year! I don't think I'll ever dress up as another character. I just want to keep making my Barnabas costume better every year. Thanks so much for posting it here!

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