Tuesday, November 4, 2014

David Selby joins the cast of DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST

Timing is everything: As I was uploading a collection of photos and art relating to the upcoming DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST serial, Big Finish quietly added revised cover art for the project. It was accompanied by an announcement that David Selby will be a part of the cast.

David Selby
“Quentin left Collinsport with his werewolf side kept firmly in check and he seems to have moved on with his life. He vowed never to return to the town but something has brought him back,” says co-producer Joseph Lidster. “Whether that’s to support his family, David and Barnabas, or whether his dark side has once again overwhelmed him is something we’ll discover as the story progresses.”
David Selby’s real-life son, Jamison, also returns to Dark Shadows as local landlord Ed Griffin. 
“Ed’s wife, Susan, died recently,” continues Lidster. “And he blames the Collins family for her death. Could his anger and grief turn him into a killer?”

If you're new to the DARK SHADOWS "audiodrama" phenomenon, this isn't Jamison Selby's first time participating in the series. In addition to writing the very first DARK SHADOWS audiodrama, "Return to Collinwood," he also appeared in the episodes "The House of Despair," "The Rage Beneath" and "Kingdom of the Dead."

You can hear Quentin and Ed introducing themselves here.

Completing the cast are Peter Brooke as the train conductor, Jane Elsmore as Nurse Alice Chen and Ross McNamara as Julius Bishop.

Dark Shadows: Bloodlust is a 13-part miniseries released in January and February 2015. It's available to pre-order here.

Also still available is Hallowe'en's free ghost story Snowflake, which serves as a prelude to BLOODLUST.

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