Tuesday, June 17, 2014

David Selby, Donna McKechnie DARK SHADOWS reunion delayed

David Selby and Donna McKechnie.
Big Finish has announced that the DARK SHADOWS audio drama THE DARKEST SHADOW, a double-length episode featuring the reunion of David Selby and Donna McKechnie, has been pushed back to July.

“The story reunites David Selby and Donna McKechnie as Quentin and Amanda for the first time in over forty years,” producer Joseph Lidster explained in a statement on the company website. “And we really felt it was important to record the two of them together, for such a special occasion and such an ambitious script, which meant waiting a few months until we could synchronize their schedules. Also, this being a double-disc story for the price of a single disc release has obviously meant a lot more work at every stage of production. We’re very sorry for the delay but confident that people will find THE DARKEST SHADOW worth the wait!”

Disappointing? Sure. THE DARKEST SHADOW has been in the works for a while, but this kind of delay is actually good news in the long run. This time next year we won't even remember this delay. While waiting a few more weeks might be inconvenient for fans, it does nobody any good to rush an unfinished product to the market. And it's hard to argue with Lidster's goal of finding in-studio chemistry between the actors.

The episode is written by Nev Fountain, who is making his debut in the DARK SHADOWS line of audio dramas with this episode. (NOTE: A Google search connected Fountain's name with his DOCTOR WHO credits for Big Finish, but not DARK SHADOWS. Had I only thought to search my own website I'd have remembered Fountain won an award for his prior visit to Collinsport.)  I'm not entirely sure what to make of the episode's official summary, though: Olivia Corey, a pseudonym adopted by Amanda Harris, is offered a starring role in a movie titled "The Curse of Collinwood," being directed by one D. Curtis. Her role? Amanda Harris. Nobody can fault Big Finish for being timid in its approach to storytelling.

Oh, and Wally Wingert is in it!

You can listen to the first 13 minutes of THE DARKEST SHADOW below.


DavidXBrunt said...

Nev actually entered the shadows with The Immortal Actress a couple of years back.

Audrey said...

I should point out that Fountain previously wrote 'The Eternal Actress' for the DS audio series, which, I believe, this play is a sequel too.

Cousin Barnabas said...

I thought that was the case. I did a Google search and his name only came up in regards to Doctor Who episodes (and his TV work.)

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