Saturday, June 28, 2014

This week in DARK SHADOWS news

It was a busy week for DARK SHADOWS, especially when you take into consideration that the series was cancelled in 1971. Here's a list of headlines and links from the past five days:

* Podcast: MY DINNER WITH SHARON  Our podcast series returned to life this week, as CHS contributor Marie Maginity interviewed DARK SHADOWS cast member Sharon Smyth Lentz.

* NEVER TOO YOUNG (to get cancelled): A look back at the teen soap that was yanked from the air to make room for DARK SHADOWS in June, 1966. 

* Vote for the 10 best episodes of DARK SHADOWS We're doing a thing! Help us decide the best 10 episodes of DARK SHADOWS by taking part in this readers poll.

* Meet DARK SHADOWS artist Ken Bald this weekend  The legendary artist of the DARK SHADOWS newspaper strip is a guest at ToyConNJ in Parsippany, New Jersey, this weekend.

* COLLINSPORT INK: Pamela Seguin Vs. Collinwood A DARK SHADOWS fan discusses the thought process behind her tattoo of Collinwood.

* "Barnabas Collins" walks the boards in gothic opera  The names of the characters in a new performance of the German DER VAMPYR have been changed to reflect some of pop culture's most famous vampires, including one Barnabas Collins."

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