Thursday, June 19, 2014

First look at Jerry Lacy in SPIDORA


Jerry Lacy
Back in September,  FRED OLEN RAY completed a Kickstarter campaign to finance a short film titled SPIDORA.The cult film icon behind movies like HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS and BIKINI DRIVE-IN persuaded DARK SHADOWS alumnus JERRY LACY to appear in the film as "Dr. Graves," operator of a freak show that showcases characters such as Electra, Mora, the Lobster Girl and Spidora.

Those of us who contributed to the Kickstarter effort have been getting regular updates about the production, which have included a variety of production photos. Today, Ray shared the first photo of Lacy in costume. He notes that this costume might not be what Lacy will ultimately wear in the film, but included the image as an example of the costumes that have been tested.

Here's the official film synopsis:

"SPIDORA is a dark journey inside the world of Dr. Graves' Palace of Illusions; a Museum of Human Oddities where mysterious creatures like Electra, Spidora and Mora, the Lobster Girl, command the stage. It is a world trapped between light and shadow where anything can happen... and does."

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