Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jonathan Frid makes THE CINEPLEX LEGENDS AWARD ballot

Jonathan Frid is one of nine nominees for this year's CINEPLEX LEGENDS AWARD from Canada's Walk of Fame.

"This is the first time his name has been included, and I can't tell you how excited I was when Cathy Robbins called me to tell me!" said Elena Nacanther, who has spent more than a year helping to organize a grassroots effort to have Frid's legacy recognized by Canada's Walk of Fame. "This is the best chance we have to get him in, because his name is out there and that means they have recognized his importance as Canadian Excellence. I am just bursting with joy."

Nacanther said the campaign is far from over, though, and that fans should continue to nominate Frid as often as possible, as well as taking part in CINEPLEX LEGENDS AWARD voting.

"We are working on getting more publicity and I have many irons in the fire!" she said.

The CINEPLEX LEGENDS AWARD is an annual award given posthumously to a Canadian pioneer in film and television, music, sports, arts or innovation.

Best known for his role as Barnabas Collins on DARK SHADOWS, Frid was a native of Hamilton, Ontario. After serving in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II, Frid set his sites on higher education and a career in acting. He graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton in 1948, and was accepted into  the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. He moved to the United States in 1954, where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in directing from the Yale School of Drama in 1957.

After several years of well-received work in the theater, Frid planned to leave the New York City stage for a teaching career in California. As he was leaving, Frid was offered a short gig as a vampire on DARK SHADOWS. The "temporary" job would last until 1971, and would make him internationally famous.

The other nominees for this year's CINEPLEX LEGENDS AWARD are Rod Cameron,  Stompin’ Tom Connors, Barbara Frum, Corey Haim, Jeff Healey, Lorne Green, Rita MacNeil and Al Waxman.

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