Friday, March 7, 2014

TGIF: "Surprising facts about Jonathan Frid!"

This is one of the weirder stories to be featured on THANK GOD IT'S FRID-DAY. It's a curiosity, to be sure, but not a story I wanted to spend any time typesetting. "Surprising facts about Jonathan Frid!" appeared in the August, 1969, issue of TIGER BEAT and focuses on ... numerology. Sigh.

In the 1960s, the media seemed to be intentionally encouraging unhealthy relationships between celebrities and their fans, much of which is downright creepy. It's one thing to offer up a "Dream Date" with a celebrity (which might not be such a great thing if that celebrity is Gary Glitter) as a contest prize. It's something else entirely to suggest people have some spiritual/voodoo connection with a complete stranger because, you know, MATH.

Anyhoo, these scans are really big files and should be easy to read on the screen. They should also print legibly, if you'd prefer to read them that way. Enjoy. And BEWARE THE NUMBER 7!

(NOTE: Many of the images used for TGIF: Thank God It's Frid-Day, are courtesy of Elena Nacanther, who is part of an effort to get Jonathan Frid nominated to Canada's Walk of Fame, a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that recognizes Canadians who have excelled in music, sports, film, television, and other artistic endeavors. You can find the NOMINATE JONATHAN FRID TO CANADA'S WALK OF FAME Facebook page by clicking here. Please pay them a visit. You can see more selections from Elena's scrapbook each Friday here at the Collinsport Historical Society.)


Melissa said...

You mean if he hadn't been bitten by the acting bug, he could have been the first Canadian Pope or Queen? How disappointed his parents must have been! ;)

cynthia curran said...

Gee, Here Comes the Brides with Bobby Sherman and Bridget Hanley also in the Tiger Breat.

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