Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DARK SHADOWS news bulletins

* Dynamite's DARK SHADOWS: YEAR ONE comic series is being collected in trade paperback in June, according to Amazon. I had mixed feelings about the series at first, but grew to really love it by the time it wrapped. I recommend checking it out. LINK.

* Speaking of Big Finish, the trailer for April's DARK SHADOWS episode, CARRIAGE OF THE DAMNED, is now streaming at the company's website. The episode stars Lisa Richards, Kathleen Cody, James Storm, Denise Nickerson and Stephanie Ellyne.  LINK.

* Patrick McCray updates us on the next phase of the DARK SHADOWS EXPERIMENT. LINK.

* THE CASTLE OF HORROR podcast takes a look at ARGENTO'S DRACULA, which is being distributed on home video by MPI Home Video, the rights holders to DARK SHADOWS. LINK.

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