Friday, July 12, 2013

Collinsport News Bulletins

KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT, LARA PARKER and ANSEL FARAJ will participate in the Famous Monsters of Filmland Q&A panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Calif., on Friday, July 19. Faraj will be screening footage from his upcoming film, DOCTOR MABUSE: ETIOPOMAR, as part of theFamous Monsters "Stake of the Union" panel. The event begins at 7:45 pm in Room 5AB.

* The campaign to get JONATHAN FRID elected to CANADA'S WALK OF FAME has re-launched. "If we do nothing and don't promote nominating Jonathan now and for the rest of the year and also 2014 everyday, we will loose all the momentum that everyone has helped to build for him," the administrators of the campaign announced this week on their Facebook page. "Even though Jonathan did not get inducted for 2013, let me assure you everyone at CWOF absolutely knows who and what about Jonathan Frid implicitly. That's the power of all of you working to nominate him everyday. So please lets keep going."

At this stage in the campaign, people can nominate Frid on CANADA'S WALK OF FAME webpage. Vote often, and please help us spread the word.

* DARK SHADOWS: BENEATH THE VEIL is now available on CD and MP3 from Big Finish. The episode sees the return of MARIE WALLACE in the role of EVE, as well as NANCY BARRETT and KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT (she's everywhere!)

* And last, but not least, BARNABAS COLLINS MEETS ALF.

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