Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Comicbook Resources has a sneak peak at issue #4 of DARK SHADOWS YEAR ONE. I've sworn off Dynamite's DARK SHADOWS books after the soul-crushing crossover with VAMPIRELLA, but what I've seen of this series looks pretty good. The artwork by GUIU VILANOVA not only captures the likenesses of the original cast, but manages to be moody and atmospheric, as well. That's not as easy a trick to pull off as it might sound.

I'm not adverse to the idea of re-telling the Barnabas Collins "origin" yet again, but previous attempts have managed to boost the tale's production values while also gutting it's labyrinthine narrative. If you're going to adapt this story, a comicbook might be the best place to do it.


arashi said...

Does this take place in an alternate universe? The idea of Joshua calling Naomi "darling" is so out of character it's in orbit.

brookeperrin said...

It doesn't strictly follow show cannon no.

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