Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ansel Faraj & Nathan Wilson on DOCTOR MABUSE

Curious about the new DOCTOR MABUSE movie coming from director ANSEL FARAJ? Last month's trailer established the mystery and tone of the film, but the video above might shed a little more light on the project. Faraj and actor NATHAN WILSON discuss the goals of the film, as well as what it was like to work with actors JERRY LACY, LARA PARKER and KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT.

Ansel has also asked me to pass along some information about his film. Below is a brief FAQ about how, when and where you will be able to see DOCTOR MABUSE:

Will DOCTOR MABUSE be playing in other cities besides Los Angeles?
No - nothing has been confirmed at present. There are a few possible screenings we are working on, but nothing concrete.

Will DOCTOR MABUSE be screening overseas, or just in the USA?

Once again, no - not at the moment, but we are working out possible screenings in London and Madrid. But once again - nothing concrete at the moment.

When will a DVD be available?

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