Thursday, April 4, 2013

Johnny Depp's DARK SHADOWS bloopers

"Aren't all gingers soulless creatures of the night?" 

The video above is a pleasant way to spend 60 seconds, especially if you're goofing off on the Internet at work. It doesn't have anything especially insightful to say, but the actor does a pretty good Johnny Depp impersonation. I think it's also evidence that audiences are getting tired of the shtick generated by the pairing of Depp and Burton, so it's not surprising that the director's next film is going to be Depp-free.

Now, posting anything even remotely related to last year's DARK SHADOWS movie opens up a can of worms that makes me try and avoid the subject whenever possible. That practice isn't entirely fair to the movie's fans, though, many of whom also like the original television series.

Regardless, whenever the film gets mentioned, the wild Internet Asshole sometimes makes an appearance. While population numbers of the Internet Asshole aren't what they used to be (George Lucas cut off their food supply when he stopped making Star Wars prequels a few years back) they can still cause the occasional problem when they wander into civilized areas. Just speaking Tim Burton's name around some DARK SHADOWS fans can incite a virtual flash mob of haters who can't wait to tell spout off about how Johnny Depp is a False Prophet.

I didn't like the movie. If you did, that's that's perfectly alright. Either way, just try to be nice to each other. We're all guests at Collinwood.

(Edited to include commentary.)


Anonymous said...

The Gingers??? What about the Mary Anns?

Dr. Theda said...

Thank you good "Cousin Barnabas" for joining us at the "Crypt"... I love the Posts that I have read at your Great blog....

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog and, as always, a wonderful post.
I love the original series, the movies, the 1991 version and the Depp file as well.
I certainly do understand others who do not like the film (just seeing the 1700's sequence you can see that a straight version of the story could have been glorious). I think that is what people really expected- a great vampire epic!

Unknown said...

Girlfriend and I are HUGE fans of the original series. So much, we even attend the conventions. When we first heard the Burton movie would be a parody of sorts we were shocked. But once we saw it, we loved it. Favorite scene was when Depp enters the Blue Whale (of course) and hypnotizes Christopher Lee. Classic. Also loved the subtle reference to Wincliff sanitarium.

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